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Logo of the TV channel 'Israel Plus (channel 9)'


Israel Plus (channel 9)

Israel Plus is the only Israel TV channel in the Russian language. The channel is broadcasted by the largest Russian-speaking Internet-portal about Israel — zahav.ru.

Logo of the TV channel 'TERRA - REN TV'



The television channel REN TV is one of the largest private federal channels in Russia. In Samara REN TV is transmitted by the TV channel "TERRA". The channel is aimed at men aged 25-54 with the average and higher income level, living fast and positively apprehending the world. The most popular programs on REN TV: "Soldiers", "Dinner party", "Week with Marianna Maksimovskaya", "Eyewitness", "Military secret", "Evening with Tigran Keosayan".

Logo of the TV channel 'HD eXtreme'


HD eXtreme

Extreme sports in HD.

Logo of the TV channel 'NRJ Dance'

#4 (+3)

NRJ Dance

NRJ Dance is the TV channel of the French multimedia-group NRJ. NRJ Dance is the best dance music clips 24 hours a day!

Logo of the TV channel 'NRJ Pure'

#5 (-1)

NRJ Pure

NRJ Pure is the TV channel of the French multimedia-group NRJ. Hits only! 24 hours a day!

Logo of the TV channel 'The First Internet Channel'

#6 (-1)

The First Internet Channel

The first interactive video Internet channel, you create your internet television by yourself! The topic of our channel and content is quite diverse and is determined by our network users. Also we conduct live communication with all viewers. We invite interesting guests, conduct online broadcasting of such events as the Pirate station, Diskoteka, etc.

Logo of the TV channel 'MUSIC BOX RU'

#7 (+9)


MUSIC BOX RU is the first interactive music channel in Russia. MUSIC BOX RU presents Russian music only. All music styles: pop, rock and chanson, hits of the Soviet and modern scene, author\'s song, and akso music videos, which can be watched only on the Music Box RU channel — the television which is created by you.

Logo of the TV channel 'O2TV'

#8 (+28)


The first youth information and entertainment TV channel

Logo of the TV channel 'Party Patrol TV'

#9 (+4)

Party Patrol TV

Party Patrol TV is the Dutch channel of dance, house music and videos from different parties.

Logo of the TV channel 'Vesti VGTRK (Vesti 24)'

#10 (-2)

Vesti VGTRK (Vesti 24)

The TV channel "Vesti" is the first Russian twenty-four-hour news TV channel. The base of the channel network is news of politics and economy, reports from regions, and broadcasting of important events.
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