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Logo of the TV channel 'Tele 13 C'

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Tele 13 C

Tele 13 C is the information TV channel of the Republic of Chile. This TV channel differs from the traditional news channels. Its aim is to make information more accessible and understandable.

Logo of the TV channel 'TA3'

#216 (-2)


The Slovak news TV channel.

Logo of the TV channel 'TRT-2'

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TRT-2 familiarizes its viewers with the samples of traditional and modern Turkish culture. The channel tries to determine the role of Turkish culture and art in the world, to bring up the youth able to keep the traditional cultural valuables and at the same time to apprehend modern valuables of the worldwide nature. The programs of TRT-2 consist of educational, culturological programs (documentaries, programs about culture and art, talk-shows), news (urgent subjects, economics, culture and art), sports, music (all types), cinematographic and dramaturgic programs (television serials, theatre performances, selected samples of Turkish and world cinema, literature programs, animations for children). The center of TRT-2 broadcasting is the Ankara television.

Logo of the TV channel 'TV24'

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TV24 is the Lettish information channel. The broadcasting time is round-the-clock.

Logo of the TV channel 'Telecinco'

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The regularly renewed brief releases of news from the Spanish TV channel Telecinco.