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Logo of the TV channel 'Israel Plus (channel 9)'


Israel Plus (channel 9)

Israel Plus is the only Israel TV channel in the Russian language. The channel is broadcasted by the largest Russian-speaking Internet-portal about Israel — zahav.ru.

Logo of the TV channel 'ITV'

#27 (-3)


ITV is the entertainment Polish TV channel.

Logo of the TV channel 'ICTV'

#54 (+55)


ICTV is the first non-governmental nation-wide channel in the Ukraine. Today the channel has a vivid selection of television projects of own production. In addition, on the TV channel you can watch the most popular domestic and foreign serials, feature films and documentaries, entertainment and informative programs, etc. ICTV broadcasts in 80 cities. The transmission is 24 hours a day. The basis of the ICTV audience is viewers under 45 years old.

Logo of the TV channel 'Ictimai TV'

#78 (-42)

Ictimai TV

Ictimai TV is the public Azerbaijanian TV channel. The channel is created by Azerbaijan in 2001 in performance of the obligations undertaken during the time of its entering the Council of Europe.

Logo of the TV channel 'Interia TV'

#106 (+2)

Interia TV

The Polish music TV channel.

Logo of the TV channel 'InfoCanal'

#151 (+4)


InfoCanal is the Spanish information channel.

Logo of the TV channel 'Impact Television Network'

#170 (+4)

Impact Television Network

The TV channel Impact Television Network grew from its single program "Sila Kresta" into the 24-hour Slavic family-oriented channel in America. At present Impact broadcasts its programs all over the US territory and in the large cities of the former Soviet Union. The objective of the channel is invariable: to make the right influence on our families and on the surrounding world!

Logo of the TV channel 'Islam Channel'

#189 (+4)

Islam Channel

The Islam Channel is the satellite TV channel, the broadcasting of which is concentrated on the Islamic population. The TV channel is broadcasted from Great Britain in the English language. The Islam Channel is information and educational programs, programs devoted to Islamic valuables and doctrine, events from the world of finance and public relations.

Logo of the TV channel 'ICTN 1'

#280 (+127)


On the first local channel of the Irving city (USA), Irving Community Television Network 1, one can find everything about sports events occurring in the city, latest news and information about local entertainments. Residents of the city can communicate and discuss local events calling to live programs of the channel.

Logo of the TV channel 'Invincible TV'

#291 (-2)

Invincible TV

The English music channel.
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