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Logo of the TV channel 'DW-TV'

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The TV channel DW-TV (German wave) is watched in more than 210 millions of homes in the world; 89 millions of them accept the signal DW-TV round-the-clock. The principle of DW-TV is simple: there are only three program hour blocks that are repeated during the day. The language of broadcasting changes each hour: the program is for an hour in German, an hour — in English. The first half hour in all program blocks is taken by the information issue "Journal", the second half hour — by the programs "In focus", "Theme", "Euromaxx" which are broadcasted in rotation.

Logo of the TV channel 'DAF'

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DAF (Deutsches Anleger Fernsehen) is the German TV channel about exchange and everything related to it. The editorial staff of DAF summarizes current events on the market of shares and reports the actual capstones.

Logo of the TV channel 'Das erste - NDR'