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Logo of the TV channel 'DW-TV'

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The TV channel DW-TV (German wave) is watched in more than 210 millions of homes in the world; 89 millions of them accept the signal DW-TV round-the-clock. The principle of DW-TV is simple: there are only three program hour blocks that are repeated during the day. The language of broadcasting changes each hour: the program is for an hour in German, an hour — in English. The first half hour in all program blocks is taken by the information issue "Journal", the second half hour — by the programs "In focus", "Theme", "Euromaxx" which are broadcasted in rotation.

Logo of the TV channel 'Dorotea TV'

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Dorotea TV

Dorotea TV is the public TV channel from Lapland, Sweden.

Logo of the TV channel 'Dhoom TV'

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Dhoom TV

Dhoom TV is the Pakistani information entertainment TV channel.