Roles and access grants on WeFire.TV

Isolation of access to the functions of the service WeFire.TV is based on the role system. On the moment the following roles are distinguished:

1. The role "Nonregistered user", that allows:

  • viewing the channels, comments, the history of chatsunder development;
  • carrying out search all over the site;
  • voting for the channels.

2. The role "Registered user" that allows:

  • adding the comments to the channels;
  • voting for the channels;
  • participating in the chatsunder development;
  • doing all the same as the Nonregistered user.

The role "Registered user" is obtained by all the users passing the process of registration and entry to the site.

3. The role "Channel Editor" that allows:

  • adding the news/announcements of the channel;
  • conducting the public opinion pollsunder development;
  • doing all the same as the Registered user.

The role "Channel Editor" can be designated by the channels administrators.

4. The role "Channel Administrator" that allows

  • changing the main characteristics of the channel, such as URL flows, name, description of the channel, descriptive tags and others under development;
  • designating the administrators and editors of the channel among the existing usersunder development;
  • disconnecting the channel/prohibiting the channel broadcastingunder development;
  • doing all the same as the Channel Editor.

In the future the channel administrators will be offered the number of additional services such as possibility of adding the opinion polls, extended statistics on TV viewers/radio listeners and others.

To obtain the role "Channel Administrator" it is necessary to pass the procedure of the channel owner verification.

5. The role "Technical Support" that allows:

  • administering the data of the users/channels;
  • activating the channels and removing the channels transmitting the obscene materials and the others contradicting the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • blocking the users/IP addresses;

The role "Technical Support" can be designated to the staff of WeFire.TV only.

6. The role "Site Administrator" that allows:

  • changing any information on the site (except the users passwords kept in codified form);
  • designating the roles to the other users;
  • doing all the same as the Technical Support.