How is channel rating calculated on WeFire.TV?

Channel rating  — is one of the main functions of the service of WeFire.TV, meant for studying the TV market in the Internet network, measuring the channels shares and creating the real picture of the viewers preferences, as well as for detecting the level of popularity of that or those TV channels.

The channel ratings are recalculated every day at 05:00 Moscow time and calculated on the basis of the following initial data:

1. TV viewers’ votes. This is the main component of the rating, as just the votes reflect quality of the channel TV programs. Only 1 vote can be taken into account from one IP-address, but a TV viewer can further both increase his/her assessment of the channel and decrease it (as the channel quality can change over time).

2. Citation Index. The Citation Index is formed automatically based of the analysis of the addresses of pages, from which the users call on the home pages of the channels. The links are taken into account within 2 months from the moment of the last calling of the visitors from them.

3. The button WeFire.TV on the channel site. We are aimed at the long-term mutually beneficial relationship with the channels owners, therefore placing the button with the channel rating on the channel site is positively telling on the channel rating (the multiplying coefficient is used).

4. The quantity of the channel viewings. Everything is simple here: the more viewings – the more the channel popularity.

5. The average length of viewing. Everything is also simple here: the longer a viewer watches the channel – the more interesting it is to him/her.

6. Regular channel audience. It is calculated by estimating the quantity of the viewers who watch a channel at least twice a week.

7. Quantity of Remote Controls. The more users will add the channel to their Remote Control — the higher a channel rating is.

8. Availability of direct transmission. We give more preference to the channels with the direct on-line transmission, then the channels just placing the video-content.

9. Degree of recommendation of a channel. The administration of WeFire.TV can mark some channels as the "Recommended", which will give the channel the following advantages:

a) The recommended channels are marked by a special sign in all the lists of the channels on the site.

b) The special mark of the "Recommended channel" is added of the channel page:

c) The recommended channels are transmitted in the random order on the home page of the site (only those of them that support the direct transmissions in the format Windows Media).

d) Multiplying coefficient to the channel rating.

Usually we use this modifier when transmitting the publicly important social events by the channel.

If you think that your channel is worthy of the award "Recommended channel", write to us (Important: Examination of the requests is charged — 100$ — not because we are such greedy/mean/trying to earn by that, but just we will be not overloaded by the requests :) ).