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Logo of the TV channel 'Yoshlar'

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Yoshlar is the Uzbek information and entertainment youth TV channel.

Logo of the TV channel 'O'zbekiston (First channel of Uzbekistan)'

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O'zbekiston (First channel of Uzbekistan)

The main priorities of the TV channel "O'zbekiston" are: overall and objective informing of the important decisions of public authorities in the sphere of internal and external policy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, of the reforms on country democratization, renewal and modernization carried out in the country; wide covering of social, political and economical problems; preparation of TV radio programs aimed at wide discussion of the problems connected with the increase of the educational level of citizens, political and legal culture of citizens, expression of their opinion about the important aspects of social, political and economical life of the country; organization of socially significant, humanist and educational TV radio broadcasting aimed at preservation of the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of the people, development of the folk and ethnographic traditions, familiarization with the best samples of the national and world literature, music, theatre, cinema, visual art.