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Logo of the TV channel 'StarTV'

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StarTV is the Ukrainian TV channel of club music. StarTV is the access to the best DJs! Interviews, sets, club performances! Releases of new tracks. Technologies of DJ-ing. Analysis of music styles. On StarTV you can learn about future events, DJ line-up and live command. Familiarization with the organizers of the best raves of Ukraine and of the world is waiting for you.

Logo of the TV channel 'UTR (America)'

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UTR (America)

UTR is the first national Ukrainian broadcasting company, which carries the broadcasting through a satellite to more than seventy countries of the world. It broadcasts about historical, cultural, natural and the other news in the life of the Ukraine. The channel is provided with the subtitles in English.

Logo of the TV channel 'CNL-Ukraine'

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CNL-Ukraine is the international Christian TV channel for the Ukraine-speaking population.

Logo of the TV channel 'UBC'

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UBC is the first information and analytical TV channel for business-audience in the Ukraine. On UBC the Ukrainian and foreign entrepreneurs obtain information about the actual status of all fields of economy of the country and of the world 24 hours a day.
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