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Logo of the TV channel 'TRT-3'

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The aim of the channel TRT-3 is to inform its viewers of sports events. TRT-3 broadcasting is carried out in turn with TRT-GAP I VNST TV. The program of the channel is mainly formed of sports, educational, culturological, music programs and news. The place in the channel programs is also given to advertising. In addition, news, cultural and music programs in the traditional local languages and dialects used by the Turkish citizens in everyday life are transmitted on this channel every day for a certain period. The center of TRT-3 broadcasting is the Ankara television.

Logo of the TV channel '24'

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24 is the Turkish public TV channel broadcasting 24 hours per day, 7 days per week!

Logo of the TV channel 'TRT-1'

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Logo of the TV channel 'TRT-6'

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The TV channel TRT-6 following the aim to strengthen t heunity and brotherhood of Turkey will make a major contribution to the development of foreign relations of Turkey with other countries, and firstly with the countries of the region. TRT-6 applies to the target audience of all ages and carries out broadcasting in accordance with the modern standards and norms. TRT-6 offers programs devoted to health, economics, nature, historical, cultural, sports, music, news, religious and entertainment programs, serials, feature films and documentaries. The programs carry the entertainment principle with the support on scientific knowledge. The center of broadcasting: Ankara — the Administration of Multilanguage channel.

Logo of the TV channel 'TJK'

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TJK is the Turkish TV channel devoted to horse sports.

Logo of the TV channel 'TRT-2'

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TRT-2 familiarizes its viewers with the samples of traditional and modern Turkish culture. The channel tries to determine the role of Turkish culture and art in the world, to bring up the youth able to keep the traditional cultural valuables and at the same time to apprehend modern valuables of the worldwide nature. The programs of TRT-2 consist of educational, culturological programs (documentaries, programs about culture and art, talk-shows), news (urgent subjects, economics, culture and art), sports, music (all types), cinematographic and dramaturgic programs (television serials, theatre performances, selected samples of Turkish and world cinema, literature programs, animations for children). The center of TRT-2 broadcasting is the Ankara television.

Logo of the TV channel 'TRT Cocuk'

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TRT Cocuk

TRT Cocuk sets its objective to be the up-to-date broadcasting for children, with participation of local and foreign specialists, programmers, authors and graphic designers, academic and educational personnel in the project and intends to become the most popular, quality and up-to-date channel of the play orientation for the Turkish children all over the world. For this purpose TRT Cocuk will release dynamic programs favoring education, creating democratic mood, but not of the didactic nature. The television programs will be oriented at children's audience aged 3-14. TRT Cocuk presents a wide range of television programs: animations, documentaries, news, contests and informative quizzes, entertaining programs, feature films, cultural and educational programs, and programs devoted to theatre and art.

Logo of the TV channel 'TRT-TURK'

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The aim of the channel TRT-TURK is making contribution to the process of interpenetration of cultures of the Turkic peoples, familiarization viewers from the Turkic countries with different sides of the brotherly peoples life. TRT-TURK seeks to become a channel demanded in all Turkic countries. Hence, TRT-TURK is ready to provide the air with the programs prepared by the mass media of other Turkic states. TRT-TURK programs consist of educational, culturological, entertainment, music programs and news releases. The place in the channel programs is also given to advertising. If necessary — placement of advertisement in the language of the country, on the territory of which the broadcasting is conducted, is possible. TRT-TURK broadcasts to all countries of the Southern Caucasus and Central Asia. The channel TRT-TURK broadcasts in the Turkish language.

Logo of the TV channel 'Dost TV'

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Dost TV

Dost TV is the Turkish television channel owned by the Turkish national broadcasting company. The main broadcasting time of the channel is occupied by religious programs. The broadcasting is in Persian.

Logo of the TV channel 'Adim TV'

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Adim TV

Adim TV is the Turkish entertainment TV channel, the main broadcasting network of which is films and music.
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