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Logo of the TV channel 'Eurosport News (UK)'

#163 (-7)

Eurosport News (UK)

One of the most important characteristics of this channel is its operability and dynamics. It is supposed that a viewer will not spend hours in front of the TV-set having adjusted it for this program, but will switch over to it for short periods in order to remain abreast of the latest events in the sports world. Instead of spending hours on watching the favorite team play and listening attentively to the comments trying to understand what is on the neighboring court or stadium, now it is sufficient to switch over for a short period to the specialized channel of sports news.

Logo of the TV channel 'Fox Sports'

#175 (-8)

Fox Sports

Fox Sports is the popular sports channel transmitting programs about NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, Nascar, MMA and many others.

Logo of the TV channel 'TRT-3'

#182 (-7)


The aim of the channel TRT-3 is to inform its viewers of sports events. TRT-3 broadcasting is carried out in turn with TRT-GAP I VNST TV. The program of the channel is mainly formed of sports, educational, culturological, music programs and news. The place in the channel programs is also given to advertising. In addition, news, cultural and music programs in the traditional local languages and dialects used by the Turkish citizens in everyday life are transmitted on this channel every day for a certain period. The center of TRT-3 broadcasting is the Ankara television.

Logo of the TV channel 'Spartak TV'

#193 (-8)

Spartak TV

"Spartak TV" is the official club TV channel of the Football club "Spartak-Moscow" presenting direct transmissions of the games of the youth championship of Russia, exclusive interviews, etc.

Logo of the TV channel 'Sportal.com'

#196 (-9)


Sportal.com is the latest video and audio from the sport world. The International Sporting Competitions, extreme, world championships, music videos, martial arts, news of poker and many other stuff!

Logo of the TV channel 'Baseball Channel'

#200 (-9)

Baseball Channel

The Baseball Channel is the online broadcasting of baseball games, and repeats of the best games of MLB (Main League of Baseball).

Logo of the TV channel 'Bordriders TV'

#211 (-7)

Bordriders TV

Surfing and skateboarding 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Professional videos by the company Quiksilver.

Logo of the TV channel 'TJK'

#216 (-4)


TJK is the Turkish TV channel devoted to horse sports.

Logo of the TV channel 'FC Zenit TV'

#247 (-6)

FC Zenit TV

The TV channel of the football club "Zenit". Direct broadcasting of matches, television programs about the Football Club Zenit, releases of sports news from St. Petersburg.

Logo of the TV channel 'Your system (5. Health)'

#256 (-5)

Your system (5. Health)

The fifth channel of the First Alternative Conceptual Television "TVOY STROY TV" broadcasts lectures, films and programs devoted to promotion of health.
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