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Logo of the TV channel 'A-ONE'



From the first days of its existence the channel became famous as the nonstandard, unique and promising music project in the format: "NO POP MUSIC!".

Logo of the TV channel 'RUTV'



RUTV is the first music TV channel in the world that realized the new principle of broadcasting and used the pieces of music on its air in the Russian language only. RUTV is the music for soul. A person who grew up in Russia and who was brought up by the Russian traditions always turns to the songs in his/her native language. RUTV today is the best domestic music of the past and present, the most favorite and popular artists and the latest hits.

Logo of the TV channel 'Doroga.tv'

#106 (-64)


Residents of Nizhniy Novgorod fight with traffic jams by means of an unusual method. Any person may visit the website www.doroga.tv and check the current situation on key road junctions by means of web-cameras installed around the city.

Logo of the TV channel 'TV2'

#108 (-65)


TV2 is one of the first non-governmental broadcasting companies of the Russian Federation. The broadcasting company makes broadcasting of the channel in Tomsk, Seversk cities and Tomskiy district. The potential audience is about 700 thousand people. TV2 is news, information entertainment programs, films and many other stuff.

Logo of the TV channel 'DISCOVER GREECE (Russian Business and Tourism channel)'

#110 (-65)

DISCOVER GREECE (Russian Business and Tourism channel)

The project objective is to present Greece to the Russian and Internet viewers as a captivating tourist direction, to familiarize them with the places where Russian tourists have never been, to familiarize them with the Greek culture, history, geography and cuisine, as well as to provide information about the Greek companies-producers willing to cooperate with Russia.

Logo of the TV channel 'Korolev TV'


Korolev TV

The round-the-clock information and entertainment TV channel of Korolyov city (Moscow region).

Logo of the TV channel 'Your system (6. Documentary)'

#118 (-1)

Your system (6. Documentary)

The sixth channel of the First Alternative Conceptual Television "TVOY STROY TV" broadcasts documentaries of alternative nature.

Logo of the TV channel 'STAN-TV'

#121 (+89)


STAN-TV offers its viewers own news only. Owing to the wide correspondent network in large cities of the region STAN-TV has the possibility to get current information about the most important events of the Central Asia. New materials are delivered every day. Except the news line the TV channel brings to your attention the rubrics: "Own opinion", "Urgent report", "All interviews", where the experts — political scientists, historians and cultural workers — share their opinion about the events in the Central Asia. The theme and more detailed stories under the rubric "AsiaSTAN" tell about interesting people of the Central Asian region.

Logo of the TV channel 'Auto Plus'

#122 (-43)

Auto Plus

AUTO PLUS is the first Russian entertainment informative channel for car owners.

Logo of the TV channel 'RuParty'

#126 (+81)


RuParty is the German entertainment TV channel for the Russian-speaking part of the country.
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