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Logo of the TV channel '4P'

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4P is the Tomsk channel of advertising. The format of the channel 4P is advertising information. The advertising format of the channel 4P provides advertisers with unlimited possibilities on advertising, which provides the channel with the possibility to come to advertisers with the unique offer.

Logo of the TV channel 'TopShop TV'

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TopShop TV

Twenty-four-hours a day without standing up from the beloved sofa you can watch the commercials and order the liked goods. Among them you will find the super up-to-date means for the health promotion and beauty maintenance, the new products of domestic appliances for more efficient and easy housekeeping, all needed for organization of leisure at home, all that what will be surely useful in travelling and many other. The main thing one can be absolutely sure in is that all the goods demonstrated on the channel TopShop TV passed the strict selection and comply with the highest standards.