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Logo of the TV channel 'RBC TV'

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The TV channel RBK is the first and only television business-channel in Russia. The situation on the Russian and international financial markets is covered on RBK every day. Economical, financial and political news of Russia and foreign countries; analytical reviews, forecasts and comments of experts; interviews with the leading politicians and businessmen; reviews of business press; special programs devoted to the urgent problems of the Russian business are presented on the channel.

Logo of the TV channel 'DISCOVER GREECE (Russian Business and Tourism channel)'

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DISCOVER GREECE (Russian Business and Tourism channel)

The project objective is to present Greece to the Russian and Internet viewers as a captivating tourist direction, to familiarize them with the places where Russian tourists have never been, to familiarize them with the Greek culture, history, geography and cuisine, as well as to provide information about the Greek companies-producers willing to cooperate with Russia.

Logo of the TV channel 'ARB TV "Bank television"'

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ARB TV "Bank television"

The TV channel ARB-TV tells about life of the bank community: interviews, reports, live broadcasts from different bank events.

Logo of the TV channel 'First Business Channel'

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First Business Channel

The First business channel is the first one for entrepreneurs. This is the channel reflecting the essential matters for people having their own business. To be individual among thousands of the same as you. To know your rights and obligations. To see the prospective directions in own business development. To be able to use the information and force it to work on you. The First business channel keeps step with entrepreneurs in all these directions.