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Logo of the TV channel 'The First Internet Channel'

#3 (+1)

The First Internet Channel

The first interactive video Internet channel, you create your internet television by yourself! The topic of our channel and content is quite diverse and is determined by our network users. Also we conduct live communication with all viewers. We invite interesting guests, conduct online broadcasting of such events as the Pirate station, Diskoteka, etc.

Logo of the TV channel 'Shanson TV'

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Shanson TV

In the focus of the Shanson TV there are all traditional songs genres and their performers: author's (bard) songs, classic and modern city love songs, state convicts song and "thieves'" music, folk song, Russian jazz, lyricism of rock music, songs from the beloved films and film music, Russian, Soviet and Russian variety and the world chanson.

Logo of the TV channel 'NRJ Dance'

#6 (+2)

NRJ Dance

NRJ Dance is the TV channel of the French multimedia-group NRJ. NRJ Dance is the best dance music clips 24 hours a day!

Logo of the TV channel 'NRJ Pure'

#7 (-2)

NRJ Pure

NRJ Pure is the TV channel of the French multimedia-group NRJ. Hits only! 24 hours a day!

Logo of the TV channel 'Party Patrol TV'

#9 (+3)

Party Patrol TV

Party Patrol TV is the Dutch channel of dance, house music and videos from different parties.

Logo of the TV channel 'RMF MAXXX TV'

#19 (+84)


RMF MAXXX TV is the Polish music channel. The best and high-quality clips in stereo.

Logo of the TV channel 'Worm TV'

#23 (+37)

Worm TV

The German music TV channel devoted to electronic music.

Logo of the TV channel 'MUSIC BOX RU'

#24 (-11)


MUSIC BOX RU is the first interactive music channel in Russia. MUSIC BOX RU presents Russian music only. All music styles: pop, rock and chanson, hits of the Soviet and modern scene, author's song, and akso music videos, which can be watched only on the Music Box RU channel — the television which is created by you.

Logo of the TV channel 'Maks TV'

#26 (+10)

Maks TV

The TV channel "Maks TV" is the television for the young, which lives in their crazy rhythm. The TV channel is constantly changing together with its audience. The main audience of "Maks TV" is young people aged 22-45. Choosing clips for the air the programs makers follow exclusively the quality of music and clips, as well as the performances of ratings and the taste of the channel audience. The large percent of programs going on air is generated independently and with not less enthusiasm than their western colleagues. The programs and design of the channel are constantly renewed together with the needs of its viewers.

Logo of the TV channel 'Kiss TV (Poland)'

#28 (+73)

Kiss TV (Poland)

The Polish music TV channel.
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