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Logo of the TV channel 'TV Puppets'

#189 (-10)

TV Puppets

The puppet TV channel with a large collection of characters that constantly find themselves in various real and invented situations. The channel programs will be interesting for both small viewers and those who are older.

Logo of the TV channel 'Genesis TV (Genesis)'

#304 (-2)

Genesis TV (Genesis)

Genesis TV or "Bytie TV" is the first of the two ("Bytie" and "Apocalypse") English religious TV channels "churches without walls".

Logo of the TV channel 'Setanta Sports News'

#300 (-2)

Setanta Sports News

Setanta Sports News is the English 24-hour channel of sports news. The channel was launched on November 29, 2007 and is owned by the Britain television company Virgin Media Television.

Logo of the TV channel 'Movies For Men'

#32 (-13)

Movies For Men

Classics of cinematography. The films about men and for men, thrillers, action films, etc. The project Movies4Men was launched in Great Britain in February, 2006 with two channels offering films for men aged 16 and more. The channel Movies4Men offers the best films about war, westerns and detective stories. The channel Movies4Men2 is modern gangster films, thrillers, exciting dramas and horror films, films about martial arts and action films. The two channels are owned and run by the company Dolphin Broadcast Ltd.

Logo of the TV channel 'Islam Channel'

#193 (-10)

Islam Channel

The Islam Channel is the satellite TV channel, the broadcasting of which is concentrated on the Islamic population. The TV channel is broadcasted from Great Britain in the English language. The Islam Channel is information and educational programs, programs devoted to Islamic valuables and doctrine, events from the world of finance and public relations.

Logo of the TV channel 'BBC London News'

#299 (-2)

BBC London News

BBC London News is regularly renewed news from London. Politics, culture, sports, weather — this is all for the London residents.

Logo of the TV channel 'Wild Life Channel'

#142 (-9)

Wild Life Channel

Wild Life Channel is the English Internet channel about wild nature, videos from all over the world!

Logo of the TV channel 'WAMTV'



WAMTV is the English Internet channel broadcasting music and animation video clips, dances, digital art, comedy shows and many other! 24 hours a day!

Logo of the TV channel 'Rathergood TV'

#192 (-118)

Rathergood TV

On-line transmission of zany videos taken from the Internet and of the best video clips from all over the world.

Logo of the TV channel 'GemsTV UK'

#307 (-2)


GemsTV UK is the English version of TV shop of jewelry GemsTV. GemsTV is a maker and retailer of hand-made jewelry with real color stones. Sale is carried out through the online auction.
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