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Logo of the TV channel 'GPB'

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The TV channel GPB (Georgian Public Broadcasting) was launched according to the Georgian Law on Public Broadcasting. Its objective is to provide accurate and current information which is free from political and commercial trends. The channel seeks to satisfy the needs and interests of the large Georgian society by means of its diversity of programs and points of view.

Logo of the TV channel 'Rustavi 2'

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Rustavi 2

Rustavi 2 is the private television broadcaster in Georgia. The television company covers about 85% of the whole population of the country. Beyond the limits of Georgia it is broadcasted in the Western part of Russia, Europe and in the Middle East. The television company was founded in 1994 and supported the opposition authorities during the service of Eduard Shevarnadze. The Government of Shevarnadze tried to close the television company several times, though the support of people always helped.