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Logo of the TV channel 'National Geographic Channel 1'

#22 (+32)

National Geographic Channel 1

National Geographic is one of the best educational channels in the world. It broadcasts documentaries about nature, animals, people, travels, science, etc.

Logo of the TV channel 'XXHome'



XXHome is the German TV channel for those who want to make home and garden better with their own hands. Programs about construction, repair, decor and gardening.

Logo of the TV channel 'TV FAAP'

#151 (-6)


TV FAAP is the Brazilian educational TV channel. Educational and scientific programs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Logo of the TV channel 'SGU TV'

#158 (-115)


SGU TV is the all-Russian educational TV channel of the Modern humanities academy oriented at promotion of universal values. The TV channel SGU TV offers its viewers only original TV programs of own production — there are already more than 10,000 video cassettes with unique records of lectures and programs of the greatest specialists in different fields of knowledge, prominent figures of science, art, sport in the video collection of SGU TV.

Logo of the TV channel 'Kitchen TV'

#237 (-162)

Kitchen TV

The TV channel "Cuisine TV" is the travel around the cooking world. This is the possibility to open the veil of mystery of high cuisine of a luxurious restaurant and feel the cult of cooking meal in the African tribes.

Logo of the TV channel 'Nederland-e'

#270 (+90)


Nederland-e is the Dutch educational TV channel.

Logo of the TV channel 'Talacafe'

#285 (-5)


"Telecafe" is the round-the-clock culinary TV channel created within the "Tsifrovoe Telesemeystvo" of the First channel. Its genre is the "star culinary": famous chief cooks and simply famous persons will tell about their culinary ardours, share their secrets of specialties and ther favorite recipes. The channel is intended for those for whom cooking and cooking experiments are the integral part of the life style.

Logo of the TV channel 'BEC-TV'

#292 (-3)


BEC-TV (Bloomington Educational Cable Television) is the American educational TV channel. Educational and training programs round-the-clock.

Logo of the TV channel 'Canal 23'

#416 (-1)

Canal 23

The TV channel of the Caribbean University "UNIVERSIDAD AUTONOMA DEL CARIBE".