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Logo of the TV channel 'LIV TV (Canal 54)'

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LIV TV (Canal 54)

LIV TV (the former Canal 54) is the Chilean information public TV channel; the broadcasting is performed from the capital of Chile — Santiago. The channel has no specialization, the channel programs are various: information programs, sports, talk-shows, programs devoted to the cultural life of the country, films, animations and many other stuff!

Logo of the TV channel 'TV Chile'


TV Chile

TV Chile is the Chilean television network broadcasting from Santiago. The television channel differs by its variety: music, programs devoted to tourism, comedy shows, movies, news!

Logo of the TV channel 'Tele 13 C'

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Tele 13 C

Tele 13 C is the information TV channel of the Republic of Chile. This TV channel differs from the traditional news channels. Its aim is to make information more accessible and understandable.

Logo of the TV channel 'Canal 13'

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Canal 13

The Chilean public TV channel broadcasting in the Spanish language.

Logo of the TV channel 'Canal 13 Cable'

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Canal 13 Cable

Canal 13 Cable is the Chilean TV channel meant for specific audience with special interests. The TV channel programs have cultural, educational and informative nature. The broadcasting is performed in the Spanish language.