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Logo of the TV channel 'First Musical Channel'

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First Musical Channel

The "First music" is the first and only Byelorussian music TV channel. The channel was initially planed and realized as a special music TV channel intended to favor promotion of the modern Byelorussian culture, development of the domestic music market. Popularization of the modern Byelorussian music culture is defined by the "First music" as the main objective of its broadcasting policy.

Logo of the TV channel 'Belarus TV'

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Belarus TV

Belarus-TV is the state non-commercial TV channel broadcasting round-the-clock beyond the limits of its country and providing information communication of the ethnic Byelorussians with the history homeland. The broadcasting is carried out in Byelorussian and Russian. The aims of the channel "Belarus-TV" is the extension of the Byelorussian information presence on the post-Soviet area and in the world, formation of the positive image and strengthening the authority of the Republic of Belarus on the international scene.